Amanda Knox to Seek Compensation

Amanda Knox is an infamous name in the legal world. Her recent acquittal landed her in the news once again, and according to reputable news outlets, she will be seeking compensation for her time in Italian prison. Her story came to light when in 2007 she was accused of murdering Meredith Kercher. The news outlets dubbed her “Foxy Knoxy” in regard to her perceived youthful beauty. The prosecution weaved a story of a jealous love triangle gone wrong with Kercher as the victim. When at the crime scene, Italian police were accused of not handling evidence correctly and not following procedure, thus allegedly hindering the investigation. The case reached bizarre heights when Knox was seen doing cartwheels and splits at the police station upon learning of her friend Meredith’s death. Her strange behavior raised suspicion around the world. Was this girl wrongly accused and grieving in a mentally unstable way…Or is she a coldblooded killer?

It’s likely we’ll never know the answer. But in regard to the legal community, the Amanda Knox case is one that will not be forgotten any time soon. Though she has supposedly moved on with her life (she graduated college, has a writing job, and is engaged), she still fascinates the American public. It is a case for a lawyer to study. For instance, if you, as an attorney, had to defend a client like Amanda Knox, how would you go about it and how would you handle and strategize for the incessant media demand?

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