How to Make Your Law Firm’s Website Mobile Friendly

In today’s world, there are many lawyers and law firms out there. This translates into stiff competition for one field of law. Thus, it is absolutely necessary that, as a lawyer, you have a professional website that incorporates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and mobile friendliness. The former is using strategies, techniques, and tactics to affect a website’s visibility in the search rankings. For instance, you would use SEO to help move your website from the tenth page of Google to the first page when people search for your field of law. The latter, mobile friendliness, is a new concept. Your website should be “mobile friendly” so that it shows up looking professional and readable on a smartphone. If it does not, your Google search engine ranking will be negatively affected as of April 2015. Therefore, it’s crucial to make your website mobile friendly.

Not only is it important for Google, it’s important for your law firm. Think about how many lawyers would show up in your area in a Google search for “divorce lawyer.” Probably a lot. You want to ensure being in the top results for Google, so potential clients find you first. Also, people use their smartphones today to search for everything. Long gone are the days of waiting to go home and search on a computer. The way people search has changed, and you must keep up with the demand of smartphone search. At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “I agree, but what can I do?”

First of all, at Qlegal, since we have a unique brand of combining our SEO expertise with the creation and management of websites, we are happy to help your website become mobile friendly. We recommend the first step for you—which is very easy and will take less than 30 seconds of your time—is to take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Simply type in your web page’s URL and click Analyze. If your website is mobile friendly, then great. If not, please contact us for the next steps and we’ll help you make your firm’s website mobile friendly.

At Qlegal, we’ve had years of experience working for large and small law firms. We manage their SEO by creating unique and strategized content to help them move up in the Google search rankings. Additionally, we focus on local search, so your law firm is found on Google easily in your local area. For lawyers who work nationally and internationally, we also service you as well by helping to ensure a larger outreach for your potential clients. If you’d like to make your website mobile friendly, please contact us at 617-816-2969 or use our contact form.