Linkedin for Lawyers

An important element of an SEO and marketing campaign for Lawyers is getting out your ideas to your network. If your firm is out on the cutting edge and you are serving your clients with the best practices and latest techniques, then you want to let people know. One great way that you can do this is through social media outlets like Linkedin.

Many of our legal marketing plans and campaigns include a social media stream. We have found that with a consistent stream of good ideas, not just (a firm’s own content) but other ideas and articles that can help solidify an attorney’s standing as valued member of the legal community.

This is especially true regarding social networking. If you have great ideas or even if you just share great ideas. People will want to connect with you.

We have advised many clients on how to increase their presence on Linkedin. If you have a great looking website and have a strong reputation as a smart legal marketer then you can and should market those ideas through the network. Some clients have even increased their connections into the thousands.

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