How to “Sell” Your Legal Services without Selling Out

In the past, individuals would often contact a lawyer using more traditional methods, such as yellow pages, referrals and word of mouth.  Now rather than location being listed in a phone book, law firms need to reach out and be proactive in obtaining new clients.  In a competitive marketplace law firms are coming to terms with the necessity of “selling” their services.  While it is a hard idea for many to grasp, it is a reality for successful practices.  When some think of selling, they picture television advertisements and over-the-top advertising strategies, which may seem out of place if it is not your style.  You need to be proud and confident about your services, and in some cases, shout it from the rooftops.

While “selling” has long been an important concept, the internet and social media, it is becoming increasingly necessarily and ever more competitive, since there are so many lawyers and places for lawyers to be.  Many law firms continue to turn to marketing professionals to increase their visibility. While large practices may have their own marketing coordinator on staff, or perhaps an entire marketing department, smaller firms and solo practitioners may not have the luxury of such an expense and they need to be creative, deliberate and smart about what they do.

Qlegal can help.  We can tailor a strategy with the needs of individual lawyers or law firms in mind.  From evaluating your website, maximizing its impact and improving the effectiveness of your social media efforts, you can “sell” without selling out.