Speaking at The Mass Bar Association – Avvo’s First Impression

Last month I had the chance to speak at The Mass Bar Association…. Content marketing specialist Kristen Lovett, and search engine optimization guru Francis McGovern will help you learn how to use online marketing target to new clients, enhance relationships with your existing clients, and raise your visibility.

It was a great group of seasoned attorneys, many in the group were solo practitioners. There were a lot of questions. One topic that came up was whether or not to complete your Avvo profile. I stressed to the attorneys that I felt it was very important to complete that especially for legal consumers (who don’t understand the compulsory nature of Avvo.) Attorneys know that they get a profile on Avvo whether they want it or not. ┬áConsumers see a profile on Avvo which is all over the search results and they presume the rating to be based on something (not whether the attorney has filed out the compulsory profile information.) An incomplete profile will result in a low rating and a low first impression. Fill out your profile on Avvo and make a strong first impression.