Our methodology is tied to the principles of quality optimization.

We evaluate your online presence with the the same factors that Google uses to rank your sites. We see Quality as the combination of the factors that go into the structure, presentation and content of your Website.

Keywords and Language: How closely does the Website reflect the tone and direction of user intent? How have you structured a keyword universe and how often and effectively are you seeding the framework to help you reach more users?

Content –  How often is the content updated? How far does it go to answer users’ queries? How does it lead into the framework you have set up?

Structure – How does the site present? Is it cumbersome, outdated, inappropriately designed to the tastes of your target customer? How have you setup your page hierarchy?

Connections – What have you done internally with your site to connect the areas that can help reinforce positions in the search engines and how effectively have you used and set up your social media network?

Competition – As a part of our Quality Audits we examine the slight changes that can be made to improve positioning across a given set of competitors.