Law Firms Should Avoid These Online Marketing Mistakes: Part 2

If you are a law firm who is avoiding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website, this is a major problem. As claims: “SEO and search algorithms are constantly evolving, but they are not going away. Keywords are getting much more specific and sophisticated.” This is absolutely true. Think about Google’s latest algorithm, which judges websites on whether they are mobile friendly or not. By “mobile friendly,” we mean that the website must be a good experience for users on a smartphone. If your law firm’s website is considered mobile friendly, it will have better search results. Those websites that are not mobile friendly will be pushed down in the Google rankings. Therefore, the combination of staying current with algorithms and SEO strategies will help a law firm’s online presence immensely.

If you have a website, think about its content. How do you present yourself physically on the site? In other words, if you have a photo of yourself in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, that may be a problem for prospective clients who are looking for a professional, top-notch attorney. Look at how other lawyers appear in photos. Most likely, they are in suits, pantsuits, or in business attire, such as professional dresses and shirts. Hair and makeup must look professional, as well as the photo’s background.

In the same vein, if your website doesn’t have video, you need to add it. Having a professional video is a must nowadays. Potential clients want to see how lawyers look and talk, and they want to receive a sense of the lawyer’s personality and presentation. However, the video must be professional. It’s best to hire a professional Internet marketing service that has a videographer. It’s a good idea to have a script and actors if needed. Videos are proven to increase traffic to your website too.

Do you have any commendations? For example, has Martindale-Hubbell given you a strong AV rating, or have you received a Super Lawyer award for your state or city? Think about your track record. If you’ve never lost a case as a prosecutor, for instance, you should include that on your website, as well as any awards or commendations you may have received. If you or the firm has represented a well-known client or been involved in a well-known case, that’s something to mention too.

At Qlegal, we are happy to discuss how to increase your law firm’s online presence and Internet marketing, and the best part is, we’ll do it for you. We’ve had years of expertise in SEO, social media, content creation, and management of websites, especially in regard to top search results in Google. If you’d like to improve your or your law firm’s visibility, please contact us at 617-816-2969 or use our contact form.

This blog was inspired by an article from Forbes