Ethics of Lawyer LinkedIn Profiles

Are you a lawyer with a LinkedIn profile? You may want to consider how you’re portraying yourself in your profile. If you are accurately and honestly listing what you do, you should be fine. However, if you are stating that you practice a type of law you don’t or you are advertising for services, it could be a red flag. According to ABA Journal:

Lawyers should exclude inaccurate recommendations and endorsements, according to the March 10 opinion (PDF) by the New York County Lawyers Association Professional Ethics Committee. The opinion provides an example. A lawyer who practices matrimonial law should remove an endorsement for international transactional law if the lawyer has no actual experience in the area.

The National Law Journal also weighed in the on the subject and discussed the fact that an attorney LinkedIn profile may be a form of advertising. It also addressed a disclaimer on profiles that say prior results don’t guarantee similar outcomes. For instance, if a lawyer achieved a not guilty verdict for a client in one case, that doesn’t mean it guarantees the same result in another case. Either way, lawyers should stay tuned to further ethic decisions in regard to LinkedIn profiles.What do you do if you find that your profile is not up to the code of ethics? You can fix it yourself to ensure that you are remaining within the law. For instance, add the aforementioned disclaimer. Make sure that when you list yourself as a specialist, you only list what you are certified in.

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The Best Defense is a Strong Offense in Legal Marketing and (Publishing)

If you are the chief marketing officer or managing partner of a law firm, you need to be proactive about how your firm deals with and responds to client issues, disagreements and negative client interactions. How can you take a strong stand and yet make sure that those disagreements don’t see the light of day? How does your firm’s reputation stand up under the light of Google?

In order to proactively step out ahead of any blips in your firm’s reputation, you need to monitor what’s being said and what’s being written. And, for all intents and purposes, you need to publish your firm’s story and how you want it to be told well in advance of anything negative. A smarter person than me once said, the worst time to ask for credit is when you need it. Don’t wait to launch a blog or social media site just to push down negative content in the search results. Be ready in case it ever does happen.

A good legal marketer knows that their firm must become publishers – publishers of content that shows their expertise and their successful track record of cases and accolades. This stream of content can help quell any negative issues that might arise, that you may or may not wish to engage with directly online.

As publishers, we assume a certain risk. The risk that someone whom we write about might not like what we write, even if what we publish is re-purposed content from the public record. We need to make sure it is true and accurate and that any strong opinions can and will be supported by the firm.

The key to a proactive content strategy is to make sure that your content is original, optimized for your firm and that it is done on a consistent basis. Adopting a strong defense is a lot easier if you can produce content well in advance of anything negative.