Note to Lawyers: Creating Your Quality

Trust, experience and results.

In Law, perception is everything. How the client sees you and how you are able to make the client see you is instrumental in engaging them. In order to connect with your clients you must impart trust, experience and your ability to get results.

These are the three main things a lawyer should focus their energy on with new clients. People need to be able to count on their lawyer and trust them to maintain their confidence and know that they have handled their type of issue before, and resolved the issue favorably for their clients.

It’s one thing, to convey this and to gain it in person, and it is very possible to do that at an in person meeting. Many lawyers are born communicators. They know the questions prospects will have and they know how to give answers in a deliberate way. It’s not an act but more the effect of a demeanor. It’s a combination of their experience, personality and the ability to communicate.

What about when a meeting does not happen? Most clients these days will find you online. What and how do you convey these things from a website? How do you create trust, convey experience and results through a computer monitor or a phone? Depending on the type of the law your approach will need to vary.  How do you convey the quality of your trustworthiness, your experience and your results? Answer the questions your prospects might have by carefully diagnosing the search patterns and questions they have. Answer this in the content, the faq’s, the pictures and the videos and social media that you put forth and if can convey trust, experience and results, then you can capture them as clients.