Speaking at Suffolk University Law School

Earlier this month I had the chance to speak at Suffolk University Law School to a group of young law students who would be taking the bar and starting their careers as lawyers  in the following year.  I wanted to give them some good advice about Legal Marketing.  I stuck to principles and I told them all about the various ways they could drive leads, through Linkedin, through organic search, social media, content marketing, specialized sites like Avvo. But I tried to impress up on them the fact it was just important that they hustle when it comes to marketing. Not only was what they said important, but how often they said and it and how dedicated they were at it. In order to succeed in the future of legal marketing in any competitive market, you need to be 1. Creative – you need to express original ideas that are just as good if not better than your competition. 2. Quality – attorneys need to find ways to leverage their own expertise and the experts in their firms. 3. Dedication – this is most important. One blog or landing page will not get you to the eternally shifting finish line on the first page of Google.  It’s an everyday effort that requires teamwork, time and effort.