Qlegal Overview

Qlegal is an agency with a network of sites and consulting businesses that focus core quality methodologies across different targeted niches within the legal field . We have a process to help a practice improve their marketing, whether they are seasoned marketing experts or new to online marketing and SEO. Each client begins our process with a detailed quality audit designed to measure an organization’s marketing strengths and weaknesses along with potential areas for improvement. We will then develop custom content and marketing strategies designed to unleash a firm’s quality propositions through SEO, content and social media.

Every law practice  is a brand in and of itself. If you keep it small, you can control your brand and choose to keep a watchful eye. But if your brand has grown through hard work and passion, or your investment and the investment of others, then you risk your client’s experience being slightly diluted. One way to preserve your brand is by carefully maintaining a hold on who works for the brand and who doesn’t.  The lawyers, paralegals and law professionals who run a firm really are that brand. They represent it and they give it life. This is the secret to success, simply put it’s the quality of the experience that your people can deliver. Do your clients feel welcomed? Do they feel a satisfaction with the experiences they have when they are with you? This is what Qlegal specializes in – telling the story of your experience, the firm, and the quality of your services.  By telling that story we can help get a larger clientele.