Qlegal is a division of Qseeker, a Boston-based online marketing agency dedicated to improving the quality of the marketing for clients. Qseeker has a methodology focused on quality and the continual improvement of quality and results. Qlegal serves clients in all aspects of online legal marketing. Whether you are marketing a large law firm, a specialized practice group or solo practitioner,  Qlegal can help improve your legal marketing footprint today.

We are dedicated to providing law firms, practice groups and solo practitioners with the tools necessary to achieve their individual development goals. Our approach is multi-dimensional and includes leading edge website engineering and site optimization in conjunction with traditional time-tested marketing techniques. Our team of professionals understands the unique business development challenges faced by the legal industry today. We understand what works and – just as importantly – what doesn’t work when it comes to client development. Our sole focus is the development of marketing strategies for industry services providers. Let us show you how Qlegal can make a real difference in the quality and volume of new clientele received.

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